• Less Surface Equipment
  • Less Pumps
  • Less Lifting Costs
  • Less Environmental Impact

Radial Jetting Technology is the fastest, cheapest and least environmentally damaging way to increase Oil & Natural Gas production TODAY.

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RadJet is a Texas LLC founded in 2007 to provide Radial Jetting equipment which can be deployed on Standard Coil Tubing Units. The company owns numerous patents pending and proprietary technologies related to radial jetting. From its main Houston office RadJet offers its services to clients worldwide.


RadJet offers a cutting edge jet drilling system to recomplete existing wellbores. This results in increased production from oil and gas reservoirs in the near term, as well as increased ultimate recovery over the longer term. RadJet utilizes proprietary tools that are deployed on coiled tubing to install lateral wellbores that extend out up to 300 feet from the main wellbore.

Oil and gas production from existing wells is decreasing worldwide. At the same time, maximizing recovery of existing hydrocarbons reserves is becoming increasingly important to operators. The Radial Jetting Technology offered by RadJet represents a paradigm shift in the approach to increasing production rates, as well as the recovery of oil & gas reserves in place, over the approaches currently available. The use of this technology allows the operators to increase production in their existing wells in a timely and cost effective manner.

This technology has the potential to reverse the declining production rates now found throughout the industry. RadJet has successfully developed and holds patents pending on a number of tools that are integral to its success in adapting the Radial Jetting Technology for deployment on standard coil tubing units(CTUs).

Radial Jetting technology has been used since the late 1990’s as a method to increase production in oil and gas wells. This technology has been developed through over 500 wells that have been successfully completed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Canada and the US. On average, these recompletions have doubled production in sandstone formations and tripled productions in carbonates formations.

Although radial jetting technology has been in use for more than a decade, it failed to gain widespread popularity in the industry due to technological limitations. Until RadJet arrived on the market in 2007, radial jetting implementation was limited to capillary coil tubing units. There are only about 20 of these units in existence globally, greatly limiting the worldwide availability and deployment speed of the technology. These small CTU’s also are limited in their ability to mill through well casing and jet at depths greater than 6,000 feet.

RadJet’s research and development team worked tirelessly for years to adapt the radial jetting technology for use with standard CTUs. Through the development of proprietary downhole tools, RadJet successfully adapted radial jetting technology to work with the more than 1,700 standard coil tubing units available around the world. RadJet’s system greatly improved upon reliability, reduced installation time and associated is capable of performing jobs in high angle and flowing wells. Still, the RadJet research and development team is constantly looking for ways to improve upon its radial jetting technology.