Radjet’s Radial Jetting: The Most Efficient way to Increase Production

Thanks to RadJet’s innovation of adapting and upgrading radial jetting technology to standard Coil Tubing Units (CTUs), this industry changing technology is now available worldwide through an existing fleet of more than 1,500 CTUs. Furthermore the move to standard CTUs extends the application of radial jetting to wells with greater deviations and depths than was previously possible.

We Were Established To

  • Adapt and upgrade the Radial Jetting Technology to standard coiled tubing units
  • Expand its use to high angle and flowing wells
  • Reduce the installation time and associated costs
  • Improve reliability

Our Promise

RadJet is an innovation leader that has the most reliable, efficient and versatile technology in the radial jetting industry.

Contact RadJet today to learn how you can quickly, economically and safely improve your oil and gas production.

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